Chemical Footprint meeting

The SETAC steering committee on LCA is launching a Working Group (WG) on chemical footprint. Following your interest on the topic, you are invited to a short meeting during the SETAC LCA CSS in Rome.

The purpose of the WG (overarching and still preliminary) could initially be to develop a Conceptual Framework for Chemical Footprint. This would follow the logic on WGs in the past. The specific aim of the meeting is to define an action plan of the working group for the coming months, especially in light of the SETAC Annual Meeting in Basel, Switzerland in May 2014.

The idea is to discuss how to proceed in order to define workshop/ initiatives in order to develop the Conceptual Framework and further down the line possibly robust and as far as possible harmonized methodologies for the assessment of chemical footprint.

Feel free to invite colleagues you deem potentially interested to take an active role in the WG. We would like to have a meeting with those interested of being the “core working group”, setting up concrete and agreed steps, including possible joint research/publication

When: Tuesday 12 November, 13:30 – 14:15
Where: Sabelli (in Frentani Congress Centre, first floor)