Enjoy Rome!

First time in Rome? Here are some suggestions for you to spend your free time when you are not at the symposium.

Traditional markets

Campo de’ Fiori Square: The best known for its daily lively market! 

Aperitif, cocktail or wine

There is nothing more Italian than taking an aperitivo! Aperitif is taken anywhere between 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm at many places across Rome. In Italy the aperitivo is not just a stop for a drink, it’s an event!

Good places for an aperitivo:

  • Campo de’ Fiori Square area: the square is surrounded by a wide variety of bars, wine bars and restaurants where tourists, locals and students get together to drink and have a good time.
  • Trastevere area: it maintains its ancient character thanks to its narrow cobbled streets lined by medieval houses. This vibrant area is a lively district full of people from all around the world. At night, natives and tourists flock around its many pubs and also restaurants, but much of the original character of Trastevere remains!

Recommended wine bars:

  • ETABLì – close to Piazza Navona. Address: Vicolo delle Vacche 9, Rome
  • Cul de sacclose to Piazza Navona. Address: P. Pasquino 73 - Rome
  • Pentagrappolo - close to Celio and Colisseum, with live jazz music. Address: Via Celimontana 21/B (in the corner with via Marco Aurelio 34/A)

Historical bars and more

  • Sant’Eustachio Il Caffè. Sant'Eustachio Il Caffè is an ancient Coffee Shop and Roaster established in the ‘30s. Located in the heart of Rome, in front of the Senato della Repubblica Palace, it is just a few steps away from Piazza Navona and the Pantheon. 
  • Fandango incontro - library, bar and exhibition. It's not only a library, it's not only a bookshop, it's not only a bar, it's not only a museum…. If you love culture, just visit it and enjoy it! In the center of Rome, close to the famous Via del Corso, at Fandango Incontro is it possible to have a drink in the evening or a tee in the afternoon, to have a lunch or a snack with typical regional food or to see a photography or design exhibition. Address: Via dei Prefetti 22, Rome
  • Traditional dinner in the Trastevere area. In particular: Roma Sparita Restaurant, Piazza di Santa Cecilia, 24 – Trastevere, Rome.
    More information about restaurants in this area.
  • Jewish Ghetto: Built in 1555 on the banks of a frequently flooded bend of the Tiber River, the Ghetto was the forced home of the Roman Jewish population for more than 300 years, between the Counter-Reformation (16th century) and Italian unification (19th century). Though most of the old ghetto has been torn down, you can still find a few reminders of the Roman Jews' story and lively present. The synagogue and the museum are closed on Saturdays. Today, in the Jewish Quarter it is possible to find the great culinary tradition of Rome. There are a lot of traditional restaurants, enjoy your favourite!

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