Authors are invited to submit papers addressing these controversial themes, keeping in mind that the keywords are robustness, transparency and stakeholder involvement.

Contributions are welcome that provide examples of applications on the following topics:

  • ISIE special session: Experiences with and criticisms of LCA as a tool for supporting policies and (bio-energy) performance-based regulation;
  • The role of LCA in the context of green growth strategies and policies;
  • LCA and its spin off: the Environmental Footprints;
  • Life cycle communication;
  • Teaching and education in sustainability;
  • LCA and Eco-design to promote eco-innovation;
  • Product (Environmental Footprint) Category Rules and sector-specific approaches for fostering LCA applications;
  • Simplified LCA methods and tools;
  • LCA and SMEs: approaches developed for/by SMEs, main motivations and advantages of using LCA;
  • Participatory approaches in life cycle-based methods;
  • LCA Databases and data networks;
  • LCA and sustainability.